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Human Resources

"People-oriented" is the Kunlun Electric grid always adhere to the company management philosophy. Since its inception, the company has maintained a stable and rapid growth in the continuous development process, we attach great importance to and make good use of talent, attention to human resources training, development and incentives. Our principle is to respect employees at all times and to provide equal opportunities to employees on an equal and just basis.

We always believe that talent is the fundamental enterprise development, the company is the most valuable asset. Companies know people good, only is to lift, respect for employees; and encourage employees to continue to go beyond the self, rapid growth, and common development of enterprises. At the same time, we as much as possible for the staff to provide a talent to show their talents and the realization of professional achievements of the stage.

For the company, attracting excellent employees to join is the key to the company's growth. We need to retain talent and provide effective incentive mechanism, we know that sense of accomplishment, identity and sense of belonging is to stimulate the enthusiasm of the work of the staff motivation. Our responsibility is to ensure that these incentives in the company continue to develop and improve.

It is hoped that the staff will realize the cognition, understanding, integration and development of the corporate culture, and make full use of the work in the work, to help employees get a sense of accomplishment at work, to stimulate the potential of employees, so that employees can achieve their own value.

We believe that the joint efforts of all staff, we will be able to work together, unity and cooperation, keep its promise, create brilliant!