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Company Profile

Sichuan Kunlun Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd. is a power transmission engineering with a professional contracting level, a power engineering contractor qualification, power engineering undergraduate training two qualified power engineering construction enterprises, Sichuan Electric Power Installation and Testing Industry Association Vice president of units. For six consecutive years passed the ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environmental safety and OHSAS18001 occupational health "three standard" certification.

Companies specializing in a variety of voltage levels of transmission lines (including cable engineering) and substation construction, power cable lighting system construction and related projects supporting high and low voltage power equipment installation and commissioning services.

The company currently has 230 employees, including college and above management staff of 120, a construction division 16, two construction division 20.

Companies adhering to the "integrity, simplicity, benevolence, innovation," the corporate philosophy, after years of arduous pioneering and scientific development, formed a set of intensive, clear responsibilities, team operations, with each other, clear process of internal scientific management system, establish a good faith , Awe-inspiring customers, professional services, results-oriented business style, by the power of the competent authorities in charge of recognition and the majority of customers praise. Enterprises in doing business at the same time, bravely assume the corporate social responsibility, in the previous disaster relief power and other major events played a positive role in winning the government and the community wide acclaim.

At present, the main performance of the company has been extended to the real estate industry, municipal construction, government agencies, industrial and mining enterprises, educational institutions, public power grids and other fields, and completed a large number of substandard power distribution, transmission lines and line changes, substation installation, Power cable under the laying of the construction of the switch station and other projects, these projects are reasonable cost, good quality, excellent service, technical expertise, support in place and won the customer satisfaction assured.

Safe construction and engineering quality is the most important part of the company management, the company has a sound system of inspection and strict management system, since the establishment of the company has never been a quality or safety complaints.

"Dedicated to the power industry to provide system solutions for professional service providers" is the company in recent years attach great importance to advocacy and one of the core ideas. Timely response to customer demands, timely processing to solve the problem, to provide professional quality services throughout the construction process in the whole process.

Today's Kunlun is a high morale and a hundred times the confidence of the journey in the leap-forward development of the journey, the company will continue to abide by the corporate philosophy, adhere to the system of innovation and management, and constantly go beyond the self, continue to climb the new benchmark, the company developed into the power industry A major contribution to the community and influence of the leading enterprises.