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★ service range

To provide customers with a full range of electricity solutions

To undertake a variety of voltage levels of transmission lines (including cable engineering) and substation construction

To undertake a variety of power cable lighting system construction and related projects supporting high and low voltage power equipment installation and commissioning services

★ quality policy

Quality: the implementation of the most satisfied with the service, a good brand project

Integrity: abide by the contract commitments, safeguarding corporate reputation

Efficient: rapid response to market changes and needs, on time to complete customer demand

Innovation: keep pace with the times, continue to accumulate management experience and improve the technical level

★ service commitment

Strictly in accordance with the company's ISO9001 procedures for the implementation of documents

According to customer needs to provide professional on-site technical training to help users as soon as possible to master the operation of technology

Investigation and Analysis of Regular Return and Customer Satisfaction

Timely professional emergency service team, all-weather emergency response, the city response time 4 hours (the remaining 24 hours)

Detailed process records and periodic quality analysis and improvement

Warranty within the scope of free maintenance

Long-term professional services to the project, professional protection of the normal operation of the user works